Themes & Events

 Along with an extensive overview of the market, EducationPlus offers excellent opportunities to gain further knowledge and contacts. Check out its diverse lineup of events here.
 Digital Learning Forum
In conjunction with Digital zone, the forum provided industry experts with the opportunity to discuss Digitalization, the innovative technology and future development trend of advanced manufacturing. Topics focused on the applications of Digitalization Talents Development  will  be given by Huawei, Tencent, Cosmoplat, Microsoft, Eplan, SAP and Industrial Internet Integrations.
2021 Application-oriented talent training Forum
Collocated conference will establish mechanisms for tracking VET talents in apprenticeships will be presented, together with best practices of work-based learning in different countries that have been identified during the context study. The Conference will be held within the framework of AMC (Advance Manufacturing Conference). As an excellent platform for showcasing the latest products and technology, the forum invited nearly 30 well-known enterprises to share 30 speeches during the exhibition. The theme of the conference is “For young people and for the re-launch of the country: Professionalizing training chain.
 professors Dialogue between University and Industry
Topics of the seminar included ‘Unlock Human Potential to shape Integration and Application between Applied Education and Advanced Manufacturing’, which were led by professors from Tongji University and Zhejiang University of Technology, together with a number of industry experts to share their latest insights on vocational education and training to adapt the upgrade of advanced manufacturing.